Thursday, 8 March 2012

Things to do with your loved one from a distance ♥♥♥

Trick them with Akinator, the web genius, the genie who reads your mind ...

I fell for this trick straight away and I'm sure that your loved one will too!

  1. First of all, go to this webpage:
  2. Then click play. You will be asked to provide a few details before being able to play
  3. Tell your partner that you are able to read their mind and to prove it, ask them to think of a fictional or real character. Instruct them that you are going to be asking them some questions and they can only reply with on of 5 responses: Yes, Probably, I don't know, probably not, no.
  4. Ask them the questions that are generated by Akinator such as "Is your character real?" and then get them to answer one of the 5 responses.
  5. Click on the response that matches your partner's answer.
  6. Akinator will then ask another question which you in turn ask your partner.
  7. Continue in this way until Akinator comes up with a guess at who your partner is thinking of. If it's right, prepare for your partner's amazement! But in the unlikely case that it's not, Akinator will continue asking questions and you might still be able to wow your loved one.

This is available as an app too!

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