Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Things to do with your loved one from a distance ♥♥♥

Watch a movie together.

Imagine a typical night in that you have had or would like to have with your partner...what better way to relax than crack out the popcorn, snuggle up together and stick on an awesome movie?? 

This timeless activity has been entertaining couples for decades and fortunately being in a long distance relationship doesn't have to stop you from enjoying it too! :D

Watching movies was one of Clark and my favourite things to do during our two years apart. There are various ways you can work it depending what you have available. For example:

  • If you both have a copy of the movie that you want to watch then it is as simple as setting up a voice or video call with your partner, pressing play at as close to the same time as possible and there you have it!

  • If just one of you has a copy then you can use a video call so that the other person can see it too. The picture for the other person might low quality but Clark and I used to do this a lot and it's not bad, trust me. 

  • Maybe there's a movie that you'd both like to see but don't have copies of it. If so treat yourself to it, just as if you were together you might buy a movie to watch.

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